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One of the big players in the gaming software market

Playtech is known for its superb gaming platform for the online casino industry - and it's playing a vital role in the life of live dealer casinos as well.

was founded in 1999 by a team of entrepreneurs and multimedia specialists managed by seasoned landbased casino operators and they have become a huge enterprise ever since.

The success of the company's initial product offering - online casino software - enabled Playtech to expand its range to include Live Gaming, bingo and poker and skill games - to represent all areas of gambling.

In today's gambling world the platform plays a prominent role with marvel slots being incorporated into the software with the Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man opening a new wave of slot games into the casino slot machine world online - catching up with microgaming and netent games.

They developed a universal platform into which these gaming activities could be freely incorporated and they do their best to add the lates technolgies to make it the best gaming platform on the net - as a natural consequence of their growth and importance they are in top3 for online casino gambling.

Since the company's launch, Playtech games have earned broad recognition for its innovations in online casino technology and is credited with the introduction of many industry firsts and is catching up on all areas it poorly performed before.

This site aims to support and promote playtech casino games as the main goal especially with free slot games and premium online casinos powered by this software.

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